Hot Cocoa Christmas Gift Basket: The Economical Choice

If you're like me you're looking to give something to the family that's a little more personal then a gift card without having to spend a ton. Well search no more!

Homemade hot chocolate gift baskets! I purchased everything I needed (other than ingredients) from the dollar store. Five gift baskets for under $30. Can't beat that!
First I gathered three types of jars. A larger one for the cocoa mix, a small one for mini marshmallows and a mason jar mug for the candy canes. Once I had the jars picked out I found some festive christmas color baskets to place them in. I then grabbed three different types of ribbons, two different flannel back table cloths (technically you only need one but if you want a variety for different baskets go with two or more) and was on my way.

First things first... wash the jars! You wouldn't want to get a gift of edibles in a never washed jar would you?

Next, I began to place the different ribbons around each jar using double sided tape I had from a previous project from the craft store. Once I was finished with that I added the ingredients into the jars.

I then took some textured paper and cut it out to fit the lid of the hot cocoa jar. I took a different color and cut it into a fun shape, wrote my Merry Christmas, and stuck it on the lid. 

The baskets... ugh what a headache to figure out. But I finally did it!

I cut one of the tablecloths into fourths. Then placed it nicely in the basket and made sure I had some over hang. I had to once again use the double sided tape to hold the ends together. Then I grabbed one of the ribbons (since there was plenty left over from the jars) and wrapped it around holding it in place with the double sided tape. (Have we used enough double sided tape yet?). Lucky me I didn't measure the ribbon correctly so I had a small gap in between ends. Well problem solved! I took a different color ribbon and just tied a simple knot and taped it on. It was perfect!
 There you have it! A gift for five for under $30!

If you're really feeling adventurous then wrap the basket in holiday cellophane and tie it with a Christmas tag! I got the cute little Christmas tags at Walgreens in a pack of ten for under $2. 

But wait! What about the hot chocolate mix recipe you ask? Well check it out on my food blog - Adding Inches - Mama In The Kitchen