DIY Wooden Letters: To Save or Not to Save

Why spend over $15 per wooden letter at any given craft store when you could just make your own? Once I had the vision of what I wanted my sons first birthday photos to look like I was immediately disappointed when I came to the realization that there was no way I could afford to spend that kind of money on letters. They're just letters!!??

I can not take all the credit for this crafty little DIY project for it was my husband that offered to lend me a hand. All we needed was a little wood, a drawing utensil, a skill saw, and spray paint. If you happen to have those materials or are able to easily obtain them then you are in luck! The money saving begins right now!

Perhaps having a stencil would have made this project a LOT easier but I had to free hand due to time and money. Fortunately the spray paint hid my mistakes well!

This may seem like a headache to some but honestly it was the fastest easiest project yet! 

You can't complain with the results! Lucky for me I was able to have the materials I needed to take the photos I visioned for my sons birthday and every minute was worth it! Every penny saved was as well!