DIY Backpack and Coat Rack

Tired of backpacks and jackets messing up your floor? This was a great DIY alternative to the traditional coat rack.

I picked up a picture frame that matched my decor and then removed the back and glass. I glued wood letters (first initials) onto decorative card-stock paper, then placed it in the frame and replaced the back.
Then I took a piece of pallet, cut it down and painted it to match the frame. I drilled the hooks into the board in the desired positions and viola! Sturdy, easy, decorative and best of all it's efficient!

Tutu Decor: Nursery or Baby Shower

I'm just loving having a girl. After having two boys I just can't help myself to go as girly as possible. As I was making my daughter a tutu for her halloween costume, it dawned on my how easy it would be to make a tutu to hang on her wall. So the creativity juices began to flow.

I just went to my local craft store (Michaels) and grabbed three rolls of Tulle in my color choice. If you notice sometimes tulle will have two different textures. Some soft, some more stiff. In this project it really didn't matter if it was mixed in texture so don't worry. Also, I found a round wire that I grabbed at the craft store as well. The wire I bought had four rows in different sizes. I just clipped the middle row off and it was the perfect size for my wall decor project.
I then measured out my tulle to the desired length (I measured each piece to about 18"). Then started to wrap it around the wire. I grabbed both ends of my cut tulle piece and brought them together in one  hand creating a loop on the top (middle of the tulle). I placed the tulle under the wire, holding in one hand the ends and the other the loop. Pull the ends through the middle of the loop, going around the wire and tighten. Repeat each step to finish! It's great for wall decor, or make a wreath for a baby shower!


If you want instructions on creating the wood letter inside, please check out my other post Wood Letter Name: Wall Decor.

Wood Letter Name: Wall Decor

This was a fun personalized project I made to hang in the kids rooms. It cost me less than $10 for all three!

I purchased two packs of little alphabet letters, acrylic paint, ribbon, little wood figures, and each of the larger letters at my local craft store (Michaels).

I started with painting each large letter my desired color and the little letters, spelling out my child's name, white.

Next, I grabbed a sharpened pencil, dabbed it in paint and outlined each wooden figure. Once everything was dry, I hot glued everything in place including my cut ribbon onto the backs.

Viola! That's it!

Magnet Chore Chart: Making Chores Fun

This fun chore chart is one any kid can get excited about, I know mine are! 
Who doesn't like to play with magnets?
I used this Glass Magnet tutorial along with this Printable Chore Chart to make my DIY magnet chore chart. I found the panels at my local craft store (Michaels) and just used dry erase markers to write. It's as simple as that!

Bunting Cake Topper

This was really fun to make, and everything cost me less than $10! I made this one for my baby-shower and it turned out great!

What you will need:
Freezer Paper
Bunting Banner Template - Welcome Baby
Bamboo Skewers
Hot glue gun or E6000 (I used hot glue)
Jute Twine
Sewing Needle
Heat'n Bond Adhesive or Double sided scrapbooking tape (I used tape)
Lace Ribbon (optional)

I bought a sheet of burlap in the scrapbooking section of my local craft store (Michaels). I used these instructions How To Print On Burlap.
Once printed, iron the adhesive or place tape on the inside of the burlap flags and fold the sheets in half starting at the long ends of the triangles (to double the burlap). Be sure to leave a small opening on top to slide the needle and twine through. Then cut out each triangle. (I apologize that I do not have pictures of this).
Next take your needle and thread the twine through your flags.
Grab your Bamboo skewers and either glue the ends of the twine or tie them off. Then make your bow out of the ribbon and glue onto skewers. Viola!
Optional: Take the two flags without any writing and adhere the lace ribbon on both font and back, cut out and add to banner. 

Babyshower Ideas

Centerpiece Picture Frames 
I decided to go the DIY route with most of my decorations and games for my baby-shower. I found that I have saved a lot of money doing so. I bought these small white picture frames (3x3) at my local craft store (Michaels). I took the glass out and replaced it with with cut out burlap and used my E6000 glue to adhere these beautiful paper/fabric flowers (Hobby Lobby). 

Birthday Prediction Game 
I found a lot of these on Etsy that were really cute but I couldn't get myself to spend the $10 when I could make one more of my taste and for less. I created my calendar and printed it off (I went to the UPS store) on one of the two 12x12 size scrapbook papers I bought, and glue sticked them to a thin piece of cardboard (I used a cereal box). If you can find cute poster-board paper that you like then more power to you. You don't have to take the extra steps I did.
I then proceeded by gluing some lace ribbon across the top and bottom of my calendar and hot glued my paper/fabric flowers (same ones as above) for my finishing touch. I purchased baby feet stickers for my guest to place on the date they predict and write their name along the sticker. I plan to use this not only for a fun game but also as my guest book alternative. I think it will be something cute that I can hang up in her nursery later. 

DIY Wooden Letters: To Save or Not to Save

Why spend over $15 per wooden letter at any given craft store when you could just make your own? Once I had the vision of what I wanted my sons first birthday photos to look like I was immediately disappointed when I came to the realization that there was no way I could afford to spend that kind of money on letters. They're just letters!!??

I can not take all the credit for this crafty little DIY project for it was my husband that offered to lend me a hand. All we needed was a little wood, a drawing utensil, a skill saw, and spray paint. If you happen to have those materials or are able to easily obtain them then you are in luck! The money saving begins right now!

Perhaps having a stencil would have made this project a LOT easier but I had to free hand due to time and money. Fortunately the spray paint hid my mistakes well!

This may seem like a headache to some but honestly it was the fastest easiest project yet! 

You can't complain with the results! Lucky for me I was able to have the materials I needed to take the photos I visioned for my sons birthday and every minute was worth it! Every penny saved was as well!