Babyshower Ideas

Centerpiece Picture Frames 
I decided to go the DIY route with most of my decorations and games for my baby-shower. I found that I have saved a lot of money doing so. I bought these small white picture frames (3x3) at my local craft store (Michaels). I took the glass out and replaced it with with cut out burlap and used my E6000 glue to adhere these beautiful paper/fabric flowers (Hobby Lobby). 

Birthday Prediction Game 
I found a lot of these on Etsy that were really cute but I couldn't get myself to spend the $10 when I could make one more of my taste and for less. I created my calendar and printed it off (I went to the UPS store) on one of the two 12x12 size scrapbook papers I bought, and glue sticked them to a thin piece of cardboard (I used a cereal box). If you can find cute poster-board paper that you like then more power to you. You don't have to take the extra steps I did.
I then proceeded by gluing some lace ribbon across the top and bottom of my calendar and hot glued my paper/fabric flowers (same ones as above) for my finishing touch. I purchased baby feet stickers for my guest to place on the date they predict and write their name along the sticker. I plan to use this not only for a fun game but also as my guest book alternative. I think it will be something cute that I can hang up in her nursery later. 


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