Bunting Cake Topper

This was really fun to make, and everything cost me less than $10! I made this one for my baby-shower and it turned out great!

What you will need:
Freezer Paper
Bunting Banner Template - Welcome Baby
Bamboo Skewers
Hot glue gun or E6000 (I used hot glue)
Jute Twine
Sewing Needle
Heat'n Bond Adhesive or Double sided scrapbooking tape (I used tape)
Lace Ribbon (optional)

I bought a sheet of burlap in the scrapbooking section of my local craft store (Michaels). I used these instructions How To Print On Burlap.
Once printed, iron the adhesive or place tape on the inside of the burlap flags and fold the sheets in half starting at the long ends of the triangles (to double the burlap). Be sure to leave a small opening on top to slide the needle and twine through. Then cut out each triangle. (I apologize that I do not have pictures of this).
Next take your needle and thread the twine through your flags.
Grab your Bamboo skewers and either glue the ends of the twine or tie them off. Then make your bow out of the ribbon and glue onto skewers. Viola!
Optional: Take the two flags without any writing and adhere the lace ribbon on both font and back, cut out and add to banner. 


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