Tutu Decor: Nursery or Baby Shower

I'm just loving having a girl. After having two boys I just can't help myself to go as girly as possible. As I was making my daughter a tutu for her halloween costume, it dawned on my how easy it would be to make a tutu to hang on her wall. So the creativity juices began to flow.

I just went to my local craft store (Michaels) and grabbed three rolls of Tulle in my color choice. If you notice sometimes tulle will have two different textures. Some soft, some more stiff. In this project it really didn't matter if it was mixed in texture so don't worry. Also, I found a round wire that I grabbed at the craft store as well. The wire I bought had four rows in different sizes. I just clipped the middle row off and it was the perfect size for my wall decor project.
I then measured out my tulle to the desired length (I measured each piece to about 18"). Then started to wrap it around the wire. I grabbed both ends of my cut tulle piece and brought them together in one  hand creating a loop on the top (middle of the tulle). I placed the tulle under the wire, holding in one hand the ends and the other the loop. Pull the ends through the middle of the loop, going around the wire and tighten. Repeat each step to finish! It's great for wall decor, or make a wreath for a baby shower!


If you want instructions on creating the wood letter inside, please check out my other post Wood Letter Name: Wall Decor.