Time For Fall: The Pallet Project

I've finally done it! My first Pallet experience. My husband and I had fun trying to find some free pallets driving around near local businesses. It was like a scavenger hunt!

So I decided to further our decorating experience and make a homemade autumn sign. We're not crazy about decorating for Halloween but you can definitely add whatever you like to the sign! Make it unique and yours!

We started off by rounding up a pallet to tear apart (poor thing) and sawed off the ends of the boards to give it a worn out look. Imperfection is key! Than we nailed what boards we decided to keep onto the post we made from another part of the pallet to stick into the ground. We continued on by lightly spray painting each board to the desired color (we used orange, white, red and yellow to give it a good fall look).

I then worked my magic inside out of that cold garage and put my stencils to work! I stenciled on thin cardboard to help cover the sign while we spray painted the letters on. Feel free to use paint instead we were just going with the better economical choice.

Now to paint the letters on! If you're using spray paint it should be dry in no time. We did about two layers each.

Problem we encountered: I would recommend painting letters on individual boards BEFORE nailing them to the post. Why we didn't think of this? Not sure... excited perhaps.

Viola! Find the perfect place to place your new fall decoration and enjoy!


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