Paper Wins This Match

Why rent cloth napkins for your next event when you can make paper look just as good?

I've learned how to do a lot of crafty things for my budget wedding and this is one of them. Instead of renting napkins at $.60 a piece I decided to take matters into my own hands and finish off with a personal touch. 

I purchased Vanity Fair 80ct napkins from Walgreens for less than $6. I also purchased colored card stock for $.79 a piece ( I only needed three for my 80 guests), a design paper puncher, ribbon and double sided tape from Michaels for under $20.

I proceeded by doing an accordion fold along the entire napkin to give it its fan appearance. I then cut a small piece of ribbon, wrapped it around the bottom scrunched up half of the napkin fan ( the "handle") and used double sided tape to hold the ends together. I printed on the card stock using tables in my word program to guide my typing and then used the design paper puncher for my final touch. I then placed my cut out card stock on the other side of the double sided tape on top of the ribbon. 

Presto! One fancy personalized napkin place setting for that one special day. 


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