Ballet Flats Transformation

So I had a pair of boring flats that have been sitting in my closet for over 5 years now and I was sick of them taking up space. I had to wear them in a wedding I was in (wasn't too excited about it) and for some reason held on to them. Instead of getting rid of them I decided to transform them into something I thought was more acceptable so I can wear them this summer. 
Let me explain my processes of transformation. We will once again be using the fabulous Mod Podge along with some old fabric I had lying around (same as the books in my previous blog), sponge brush, scissors, sharp razor blade, lace ribbon and pearl pendant like decor I picked up from my local crafts store (you guessed it, Michaels). 

First I cut out a big enough section of my first fabric for both of the flats. 
Then I cut the fabric in half for each flat. 
I then wrapped the fabric around the flat tight and held it so I can make the whole for the inside with my razor. 
Then out came "The Podge". One side at a time I applied the podge and glued the fabric down. I did not put any on the tip yet.

I then applied pressure and once it was done drying I began to trim the bottom so the fabric would align properly with the flat. 

I cut the fabric at the tip of the flat where later I will place a different design.

I applied the podge onto the fabric to create a more durable texture and seal.(would not recommend putting podge over the fabric on the inner part of the shoe. It makes it uncomfortable against your foot).

Next I podged the tip of the flat and applied my other fabric. I then cut the lace ribbon to fit across the two fabrics giving a neat finish and used the podge to glue it on (do not podge on top of lace except at very bottoms). 
Once it was finished drying I then trimmed the fabric along the bottom to align with the flat and podge the edges down. 

Finally, I made a bow out of the second fabric and held it together with my pearl pendant then hot glued it onto the top of the shoe. 


Jenny Gauntt said...

These came out well! My sister liked to paint her white canvas shoes with sharpies. I was thinking you were going to dip dye them but this was even more original. This blog is cute I will keep reading it :) Keep going even when there are no comments ;)

Chell Chic said...

Thank you Jenny! I'm so sorry I thought I replied to your post but it must have never gone through! I hope you still are following I have some more fun projects coming up! I'm glad to know you're enjoying them!

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