Vintage Inspired Centerpiece Decor

Deciding on Centerpieces for my wedding was the biggest headache. I had so many great ideas for a DIY centerpiece but the cost of the materials was more then it was worth to make. Then one day I was once again browsing at my favorite local craft store Michaels and came across a collection of storage book decorations. They were cute but again expensive and not enough of a variety of ones that I liked. So again I got my creativity juices flowing. With vintage looking books as my inspiration I knew it was time to break out "The Podge".

I started with purchasing three different sized hardback books at a thrift store for a dollar a book. I also managed to find the perfect assortment of fabric (pillowcases and a runner) for my idea at two to three dollars. That was all I needed! 

I first took the paper covering off the books and used a razor to cut the fabric to size for the three books with the three different fabric designs. Then out came the Mod Podge and sponge brush. I started by covering one side at a time of the books cover in Podge and glued the fabric on. Once both sides were finished I opened the book and Podged the hangover fabric down to the inside of the book cover. The final touch was brushing a finishing seal of Podge all over the fabric to help the fabric not move and give it a stiffer texture. 

Once all three books were dried I stacked them up and tied them with a piece of brown twine. I plan on each table having three books each with an assortment of fabric designs along with the flower arrangement and vintage picture frame with a photo of my fiancĂ© and I. 
I apologize I didn't get a picture with the twine wrapped around but you could imagine. 


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