All About Podge

Mod Podge that is.

It started with my desperate attempt to find a personalized gift for my bridesmaids. After searching the web and realizing how expensive such gifts were I came to terms that I just needed to get creative and make my own. Then it came to me, I wanted to present my bridesmaids with flip flops for the reception to allow them to have more comfort (who wants to be in heels that long in the summer heat outdoors anyway?). So I got my inspiration on.
Off I went to the local craft store Michaels. I grabbed fancy sticker letters (about three to four sheets) and of course matte Mod Podge. I continued to pick up some cheap flip flops at Old Navy than headed home to begin my first project with "The Podge". 

This simple project had two easy steps, TWO! That's it! I spelled out the name of my bridesmaid with the stickers on the left flop and the word bridesmaid on the right. The second and final step was breaking out my Mod Podge, grabbing a small sponge brush and lightly brushing over the letter area. NOTE: Mod Podge is magic. It will not stay white but instead become invisible! So don't worry about perfection. It dries fast too! AMAZING!

That's how I made my bridesmaids (and myself) personalized flip flops for the reception.


Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting such a great idea! I'm in the same boat as you. I was wondering how your flip flops held up to a night of dancing? Did they last?


Chell Chic said...

Thank you! They held up alright. They're still legible just a little dirty. I think I needed to use more podge to seal it in better. We didn't have a whole lot of dancing so I couldn't tell you with that. But either way I hope it works out for you the way you want if you decide to so them! Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said...


I love this idea too. I haven't used mod podge before. I know you said it dries clear but do you think this would work on black flip flops with white letters?


Jessica H said...

What a great idea!! Do you mind my asking which modge podge product you used? There are so many of them and I would love to give this a try for a bachelorette party I'm going to!

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